AutoX Calendar

This calendar is provided on an AS-IS basis. It may not be up to date, please verify on your own before spending money or making commitments. That said, I hope to aggregate the publicly available schedules for the following Clubs, based on the information found on these sites listed below the calendar.

All events are at Ft. Devens unless otherwise noted.

Links to the sources I used for the calendar dates. Note that Calendar may sometimes omit some clubs listed below (when I run out of time etc), but if it's on the calendar, it can be verified at one of these links below.

Devens, MA

New England Region SCCA (Anyone)
Renegade Miata Club (Mazda owner or Invite by Member only)
Boston Chapter of the BMW CCA (Anyone)
New England SVT (Anyone)
Bay State Corvette Club (Anyone)
Track Club USA (Anyone)
New England Region Porsche Club  (Porsche Owner only)
North Country Porsche Club (Porsche Owner, or Renegade Member or Invite Only)

N. Andover MA

Jaguar Association of New England a.k.a. JANE


Jaguar Club of Sothern New England (Anyone, competitive for Jaguar only)

New Hampshire

Mass Tuning has an event in 2015 that includes an autocross.


Note that clubs requiring Porsche or Mazda ownership, do not require that you race your Porsche or Mazda, only that you have one at home in your garage!

How to get invited? Go to other clubs, and be really helpful and friendly to everyone, and generally impress the organizers or members of the club you want to run with! Note that invitation doesn't depend on your driving skill (beyond not being dangerously inept). Organizers mostly care that inviting you won't spoil the event for others.

Rules for JANE attendance are unknown, but latest event says $5 non/member fee. JANE races in N. Andover, NOT @ DEVENS).