I attend many events in the New England area, and I drive a car that almost everyone notices. I need parts, you need customers, let's work together! If you want to get 60-150 folks who just LOVE cars to see your logo 12-18 times per year for the next 24 events (1.5-2 years), I'm willing to plaster your logo on some part of my car for a small fee. Alternately you can buy me a part of similar value to improve my chances of winning and thus your exposure.

Options are listed below, Contact me to make arrangements.

Please note, you must supply the vinyl graphics pre-masked. If graphics are damaged after during or after application and require replacement I will pay for the replacement.

Refund policy for vehicle graphics: If after 365 days from the date of initial sponsorship I have not attended at least 12 events, a pro-rated refund may be issued on request. Two day National level events that have over 200 competitors count as 2 events. The Solo National Championship  with 1200 competitors counts as 4 events (if I attend). Video below provides an view of SCCA Solo National Championships.

Sponsorship Options

1. Side bar logo below the photo on the right of my blog: $5/month, or $30/year or $50 for 2 years (most recent sponsor opting for this level will be placed at top each month, if multiple sponsors join in a month choice will be random)

2. Sole banner ad on my blog for 2 years, or sticker ~6x6 inch or less on car, 2 sides, or one on front: 3x the cost of option #1 for the same time periods.

3. 3x15 space on my fenders (left and right) for $200

4. 4x18 space on my fenders (left and right) $300 or one of these:
  1. Quick Release for detachable steering wheel

5. 6x24 space on Wing end plate : SPONSORED by Ace Performance through 2019 season!

6. 18" X 60" wing surface $2000 or one of these: 
  1. BOE/BWR brake bias cage

7. Wrap the whole car for 2 years/30 events (calculated as described at the top), whichever is longer. Note that some stickers you see on my car presently are required to run in national races, those and any future required stickers must remain, or be re-applied. Hoosier contingency stickers also must remain but can be repositioned within the contingency rules. Any sponsorships already in force must remain or be re-applied. All new sponsorships during your tenure would require your approval. Cone damage to the wrap may be repaired at your expense between races.

Please note that I reserve the right to delay installation of the part, never install the part, sell the part or remove the part for any reason including but not limited to

  • Financial constraints relating to installation costs, 
  • Coordination with the installation of other parts, 
  • I conclude that some other part, or the absence of the part will provide better performance
  • The part reduces the reliability or safety of the vehicle beyond my expectations. 
My failure to utilize the part will not in any way delay or suspend the application of your graphics, lead to the removal of your graphics or suspend/extend the tenure of your advertising. Your advertising goes on the car for any race more than a week after receipt of the funds for the part, and remains on regardless of the disposition of the part, except that it may take up to a month to schedule the application of a vehicle wrap.

For tax reasons, the part will be priced, a bill will be sent to you via email with links and justification for pricing, and you will send me a check for the balance along with your graphics. Do not send parts directly and do not send money without contacting me even if you already know where to send them. This makes it easier for me to document and deduct the income properly. This will also make it easier for you to document the expense for your taxes.

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