Sunday, March 15, 2020


Pardon the irresistible pun of questionable taste... 😁  While we're all sitting home looking for ways to entertain ourselves, here's 2 minutes of entertainment from the last race in which I drove the car (in 2019 hence the title)

First up, me in my 3rd run of the morning... In the afternoon I fooled around with shifting to third with results not really worth watching, so this wound up being my best time of the day.

Sadly it was not actually clean, still not clear what cone I hit, but probably the slalom (where I was getting late, and I hit cones on other runs). Overall, not that great of a drive. There are also several points where I turn in early and have to correct. I'll blame the tires getting warm and sticking better... yeah that's it... riiiightt... (of course that doesn't excuse being chronically late through most of the course) Also, I count 8 seconds of rev-limiter in a 45 second course... so that's limiting me as well.

Next Up, Justin and Melissa in the car, Justin went on to grab a top-10 pax later that day. Best part of this are the comments at the end which entirely capture how much fun this car is and why I love to drive it. It never wears thin, it's always that much fun.