Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is priceless... I've sat in places where I could see my car and seen similar stuff...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calendar Complete

Found the dates for Bay State Corvette Club and Track Club USA. Now my calendar page can answer the question "Who is at Devens?" for every weekend day this summer except June 10. If you know who's there on the 10th, let me know! Still haven't done squat to get ready for the season... Perhaps I will get a chance to start later this week.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prep for Season #4

As always, the first step is to find out when the races are, so I built a google calendar to hold them all. You can see it here.

Mechanical Prep:
  1. Replace the aging and loosening U joint in the steering. It's no where near dangerous, but the play is dissatisfying in a car that is so tight everywhere else. The looseness lets it wander just a bit over bumps and with camber changes on the highway. It also probably makes my steering input more abrupt while racing.
  2. Bolt check
  3. Oil Change
  4. Check Toe on front wheels.
  5. Check corner balance (need to borrow scales)
  6. Check/set camber on all wheels (need tool)

Brakes, and tires should be all set till mid season.  This year the emphasis will be on set-up, and getting the most out of what I have. I've done all the easy/cheap modifications for the most part, and so now I need to optimize what I have before I consider spending big $ on an LSD, clutch and flywheel.

I'll be doing the U-Bolt install on my own, so I'll post what I did for that in the next article.