The Build

Current effective hp is somewhere around 227bhp (193 whp measured, 18% over stock) less some unknown wing drag. This gives me 9.5 whp/lb (almost 30% improved vs stock), and 4 wheels @275 section with (about 10.2" tread width each) gives 45 lbs for every inch of race tire to handle (vs 59lbs/inch stock sport tire, 33% improvement vs stock). Pure guess work comparing to other wings online puts downforce at about 120-180 lbs @60mph or 7-10% of vehicle weight. vs virtually no down force in stock configuration.

Thus in terms of critical physical performance measures vs stock :
  • ~30% better power/weight
  • 33% better tire/weight
  • A7 vs A048 tire rubber compound.
  • possibly 7-10% more normal force at contact with road?
Plus suspension & brake improvements...

Dyno plots with stock plot from the web super imposed (fuzzy blue is stock):

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