Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top 10 !!

The results from last sunday are in, and based on fastest time of the day, I was the 10th fastest car out of 104 cars. That's top 10% in raw times! I completely blew away one of my SCCA rivals (the turbo 2.0L stroked miata with the fully custom suspension) I've never come close to that before. Unfortunately it looks like something broke or wore out on the way home however, as my left front is now riding low and something feels loose and the car wanders pulls a little bit one way or the other when I go over bumps. The last run of the day was actually my fastest time, by 0.15, but I had one cone.

Hard to compare this to an SCCA result however since the crowd is different, and the car classes don't match at all.

So next comes the repair investigation... The initial suspects are a binding shock, or a A-Arm bushing that's worn out.

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