Friday, August 5, 2011

Faster, but not closer

The new shocks were great fun. The car seems much more stable and I felt much more confident with it not leaning as much. I also noticed that the tires squeal more easily (possibly because I'm going faster), and when they do begin to release it's not as sudden.

I ran the sway bar in it's lowest setting, and the Nitrons on the dealer recommended starting point of 10 clicks from full stiff. The car seemed pretty neutral, neither particularly pushy or particularly tail happy. My times were the best I've ever had.

Unfortunately, my competition had a good day as well. Brian drove so fast that he would have been mid-pack in the Pro class. Although I went faster, I'm sure there are places I could still fine-tune. But I'll have to wait a bit, since this month I need to concentrate on buying a house and moving. Come September I'll race again, and hopefully I'll get a chance to fine-tune myself and the car. In the mean-time the class leader will likely run-away with the season, but that's life. In any case here's the standings after the last event.

Don Kuehl (Blue Supercharged CRX)(4 events)30 points
Brian Kuehl (Blue Supercharged CRX)(2 events)18 points
Gus Heck (Black N/A Lotus Elise)(3 events)11 points
Camron Bosnic (Flamed Turbo 240SX)(2 events)9 points
Bill Sallie(Blue Corvette with engine swap)(3 event)9 points
Matt Neiman (Blue Turbo/Stroked Miata)(2 event)7 points
Bill Brundige (Blue Turbo/Stroked Miata)(1 event)2 points

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